Best Sustainable Hotels in Australia

In just a few decades, the way we travel has changed. We have become hyper-aware of our carbon footprint and are actively looking for ways to reduce it by making conscious decisions about our travel habits and switching to more eco-friendly modes of transport. Do your bit for the environment and stay at one of the sustainable hotels in Australia listed below.

Sydney eco hotels

5 Best Sustainable Hotels in Sydney

Welcome to the world down under! Sydney is the largest and most visited city in Australia and has grown to be the biggest diverse metropolis in the country. It’s known for its glistening beaches, and luxurious yacht-studded harbor, and wraps a lot of its culture around the iconic Sydney Opera House. It’s constantly evolving and […]

Melbourne eco hotels

5 Best Sustainable Hotels in Melbourne

Melbourne has been named the “Most Livable City in the World” for seven consecutive years. This Australian city, located in the south of the continent within the state of Victoria, is truly beloved by residents and visitors alike. It’s not only one of the most forward-thinking cities when it comes to sustainability, but it is […]