Best Sustainable Hotels in Germany

Hotels need to be more than just nice places to stay. They are also responsible for the impact their guests leave behind. There are plenty of hotels that advertise themselves as “green” or “eco-friendly”, but how many of them actually walk the talk? Green hotels need to go beyond recycling and installing energy-efficient light bulbs. Green hotels should actively contribute towards reducing their guests’ carbon footprint by offering them environmentally conscious services and accommodations. Here is a list of eco-friendly hotels in Germany that go above and beyond when it comes to being green, sustainable, and socially conscious.

Hamburg green hotels

5 Best Sustainable Hotels in Hamburg

Hamburg is the second-largest city in Germany after Berlin. Much of its economic prosperity was acquired from its history as a port city on the River Elbe, leading to the North Sea. Due to its prime import and export location, the city is nicknamed “the gateway to the world.” In addition to the main river […]

Munich green hotels

5 Best Sustainable Hotels in Munich

As our world continues to be in the throes of an urgent climate crisis, more and more people around the world are opting for various ways to reduce their carbon footprint — this includes low-impact travel. Tourists and businessmen alike are looking for eco-friendly hotels that use renewable energy sources to do their bit for […]

Berlin green hotels

5 Best Sustainable Hotels in Berlin

Berlin, Germany, is a city with a long and culturally storied past. Visitors come from all around the world to see this historic city, fabled with Prussian kings and queens, the Nazi regime, and the infamous Berlin wall. Today, Berlin is a city of vibrant diversity, from its people and cultural dishes, to its memorials […]