Best Sustainable Hotels in the Middle-East

Today’s travelers are looking for more than just hotels and flights when they book a trip. In fact, more people than ever before are researching the impact their vacation will have on the environment. As a result, hotels and airlines have responded by offering eco-friendly accommodations and flights. To help you plan your next green getaway to Israel and the Arabian peninsula, we’ve compiled these guides to the best eco-friendly hotels in the Middle-East.

Tel Aviv eco hotels

5 Best Sustainable Hotels in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv—with its artsy vibe, quirky neighborhoods, and Mediterranean beaches—is a fantastic and dynamic destination for travelers. It’s a very youthful city with a diverse population, making it a seriously energetic hub for arts and culture. Tel Aviv houses immigrants from many different countries, so the city has many styles of cuisine, architecture, and culture. […]

Dubai eco hotels

5 Best Sustainable Hotels in Dubai

Dubai is an international destination known for its luxury lifestyle, gorgeous white sandy beaches, and extensive shopping malls. This bustling city enjoys tropical weather with very hot summers and balmy winters. Its cosmopolitan atmosphere, designer stores, and opulent architecture make Dubai an appealing holiday destination. Its glamorous reputation attracts many people to this middle eastern […]